22 YouTube Tools to Increase Views and Earnings

Top YouTube Tools to Grow Audience, Revenue, and More

Is there anything better than seeing your YouTube channel grow?
YouTube, the world’s second-biggest search engine, has millions of channels. And some of them produce excellent stuff every day. The battle to be a top Vlogger or YouTuber is rising.
So, unless you do anything, your channel is likely to suffer from alienation. Nothing is impossible with the correct YouTube tools.
To assist you to avoid this dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of tools that will help you increase your audience and money while increasing your productivity.


Wondershare Filmora is a popular YouTube video editing program. Editing features include trimming, cutting, splitting, changing video settings, adding filters, text, music, and transitions.

Enhance your sound with keyframing, noise reduction, and audio equalization. Compositing may also build new worlds by overlaying clips. With Filmora, you can easily create sophisticated and unique tales with up to 100 layers of material. Fisheye & camera shake are fixed, and effects like slow motion & reverse are added. It allows you to modify the look of your video with a single click.


TechSmith’s Camtasia is a fantastic tool for recording and editing videos for your YouTube channel. Camtasia allows you to easily generate endless movies for your audience on both Mac and Windows. You can not only make videos but also edit them.

This tool is great for adding effects, music, audio, quizzes, importing presentations, and more.

To test the premium version, download the free version. A single license allows two installations.
It is a fantastic tool for YouTubers who want to grow their channel quickly and efficiently. It’s a complete package that includes everything you need to rank your channel above your competitors.


Tubebuddy is a fantastic browser add-on for managing your YouTube channel. The greatest part is that it reduces your workload by providing an all-in-one solution under one roof. This application is great for controlling your productivity, mass marketing, video SEO, data & research, and more.

More than a million people have already tried and enjoyed the product. You may start with the free version and then upgrade if you like it. The premium editions are quite affordable and provide numerous features not accessible in the free ones.
These versions range from $9 to $49 a month, depending on your needs.


SEMrush is a highly regarded tool among digital marketers. Inbound Marketing is a one-stop-shop for all things digital. You may also utilize analytics to monitor your website’s performance.

The program includes several other tools for comparing domains, estimating keyword difficulty, and more.
It may also be used to arrange keywords into segments depending on subjects. You may also store your favorite keywords in Keyword Analyzer. But wait. SEMrush allows you to audit your site, monitor social media, check backlinks, analyze organic traffic, and more.

YouTube Creators

This is another amazing video uploading and editing program that let you share the world through your eyes.

Learn how to create top-notch, content-driven, engaging videos that engage viewers from start to finish. Create films that adhere to YouTube’s standards and restrictions while expressing sentiments, ideas, and discussions with complete creative freedom.
It also enables you to share valuable information with other viewers. You may also establish a niche in a video genre, meet like-minded individuals, and expand your knowledge and talents.


Vidiq has fantastic tools for productivity, keyword research, analytics, and more.

You may also see your channel’s performance across social media without logging into another network. Vidiq handles your SEO and regularly monitors your channel’s success. So now you may correct it as soon as you see an issue.
It also analyses your video and highlights your tag’s scores. It will also recommend tags to add to your videos to improve their exposure.

Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool can help you find the right words.

Take a look at this YouTube Keyword Tool to see which word can get you more views for your new video. If you use an SEO tool, you can try the phrases and words in different languages to find keyword ideas that would be hard to come up with on your own.
As long as you have this tool by your side, you can now say goodbye to all the guesswork when you’re working on keywords. Use the Keyword Tool to help you be more exact and work in the right direction. You can get it for free


Now, you can make your videos faster with the Headliner tool. It makes it easy for you to turn your ideas into videos, add animations, gifs, music, or any other thing you want to make them. With one click of the mouse, you can now export and share your video with everyone in the world.

You can put up your whole episode, which can be up to two hours long, and let people know about the music through waveforms that can be added to the episode. This is a great way to get people to come to your site and keep them interested in what you have to say. The tool has been well-optimized to work well with a lot of different social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on.
This tool, too, is free to use. You don’t have time to waste, so start now.


With the Smartzer, you can make videos that people want to watch, make money, get more people to use your platform, and do a lot more. This platform has become a huge hit with e-commerce businesses because it has so many easy and practical ways to make more sales.

Users and design have always been the main parts of Smartzer, but the developers have always kept them simple. This makes sure that you will never be disappointed with both of these things, so don’t worry. When you use Smartzer, you can not only make all of your videos interactive, but you can also make money from them right on your website.
This can be done on any platform because the tool automatically adjusts your videos to fit the screen on which they are being played.


Canva is the best tool for making banners, posters, presentations, and more. Making a banner for YouTube doesn’t make you any different from any other person.

It comes with a lot of great pre-made templates that you can use right away or change to fit your channel. You can get both free and paid templates for these banners, so you don’t have to spend a lot if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on them.
You might think that paid versions have better designs, but the truth is that the free ones look just as good. Then, if you want to, you can make your own banner and add your own images if you like. A lot of customization options are available, so there is a lot of room for you to come up with something that is both interesting and catchy if you can use your imagination well!

JTV Digital

Good news for people who work in the music field: From now on, you can make money when people use your music on YouTube. You can sell your music from home and make money every time it’s used. This has been made possible by JTV Digital, which is a great tool that lets you make money from your songs right after they’re out.

Besides that, too. For each time your video is put on YouTube, you can even get paid. Use your content ID to choose the track that you want to make money from. When the tool sees your track again, it will use this ID to help it find it again. In the next step, you will be given the royalty, which will show up on your sales balance.


In the past, has someone else used the music you made without your permission or a valid license? Let go of your fears now. In Adrev, we want to make sure you get paid for all your hard work. This tool helps people who own the right to music make money when their music is used on YouTube videos without permission or a valid license.

Adrev’s agents work around the clock to make sure your content isn’t going to be stolen. The moment it notices plagiarism, it tells you where the source comes from and helps you get your own rights back again. This isn’t all. It also lets you plan and run your YouTube channel so that you can run a profitable and successful channel.


The faster you grow your YouTube channel and make money from your videos, the more money you will be able to make. As long as you have the Freedom tool, you can share your YouTube videos on other social media sites and build a strong following.

Also, you can hire them to make mobile games, music, and other things that are unique to you. So, give this tool a try now.


When your music is used in another video on YouTube, you can earn money. This is another tool on YouTube that helps you do this.

When your music is played for just 5 seconds, this can happen even if it is. Another way it works is to let you make money on social media platforms. With Cdbaby, you can grow your audience, get more engagement, make more money from your content, and do it all from the same place.

Vigo Video

Vigo Video is a video social network where you can share your everyday life with friends, family, and people worldwide. With our special effects camera, you can produce unique content with hundreds of attractive stickers.

Discover and connect with entertaining individuals who share your interests. With Vigo, you may show the world your abilities in any area. A dancer, a chef, or a pet owner may all have it.
The Vigo Video real-time beautify camera smooths your complexion, removes imperfections, evens out skin tones, and enlarges your eyes while filming or live-streaming. Give your short video a polished appearance.


Trint knows his way around transcripts. It can evaluate and magnify your audio-video material in searchable data, which is important for SEO.

This is achieved by using the world’s best-automated speech-to-text algorithms. The Trint Editor allows you to search, check, and amend your transcript without leaving the Trint Editor.
Trint supports European Spanish, European French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Finnish, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish language models.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a solution for video hosting, video promotions, and video selling. With Hippo Video, you can communicate with your consumers and customers and expand your brand’s reach.

Collect informed and thankful video testimonials from your consumers and upload them on your website. You may also monitor the video’s success, assure quicker lead creation, and pitch for sales of your goods or services.

Premium Beat

PremiumBeat, a Shutterstock brand, delivers high-quality tracks and sound effects for use in video, cinema, applications, games, and television.

So if you need a soundtrack for your video, knock on this door. PremiumBeat’s royalty-free stock music collection has the seamless vibe of large production facilities. It’s easy to get to the rails. Shop online with a credit card or Paypal for the music you want. Then download your song. The licenses are honored globally and are perpetual.
When you use PremiumBeat, you can forget about copyright difficulties and your production will sound amazing. You only need to choose the correct license for you.


Vidooly is a video analytics solution that tracks audience activity across major video platforms. Vidooly delivers precise data on genres, audiences, and content trends. You may utilize it to better connect with your audience. Media and advertising professionals rely on our monthly reports and rankings.

A number of well-known global brands depend on Vidooly and our end-to-end video solutions to expand their online video viewers, analyze their consumers and establish a content & media strategy.

Cameleon Live

Cameleon Live enables you to simultaneously stream to Facebook and Youtube. You can even start streaming live and switch networks on the fly. Your iOS, macOS, and Windows devices can broadcast to major Social Networks and RTMP Media Servers with ease.

You may also broadcast multi-camera live from practically any camera, regardless of brand or model. Cameleon Live is free for Apple devices, however, it costs $10 for Windows and RTMP Live Streaming.


In addition to saving you time while working on your YouTube channel, Hootsuite makes you more productive by relieving you of a lot of stress.

Schedule and distribute YouTube videos across all your social networks using Hootsuite. You may also utilize Hootsuite’s secure platform to manage several YouTube accounts without risking password sharing. You may also monitor YouTube activity with your team, manage comments, and exchange high fives.
With the Channelview Insights app, Hootsuite can track subscriber growth, engagement, and traffic sources. It’s easy to increase and engage your YouTube audience using Hootsuite. With the Hootsuite mobile app, you can reply to clients’ comments on the go.

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