5 Best AI Voice Generators for Work and Play

The 5 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice Generators for Work and Play

You may utilize AI voice generators for commercial or personal usage. But some are better. This post will show you five of the greatest AI voice generators presently available.

We’ll also suggest the appropriate tool for your requirements.


Murf allows you to create voices for various purposes. Murf can do an author’s voice or a presentation’s voiceover.
The tool offers 110 voices in 15 languages. Murf’s objective since its inception has been to provide consumers with studio-quality music production at home.


Murf’s sophisticated AI sounds are almost indistinguishable from human voices.
You may choose a voice from 19 languages. Even the free plan has a quality checking tool for voiceovers.
Murf has accents in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
With Murf, you can: 
  • Add voices to films or photographs 
  • Get a free grammatical assistant
  • AI voiceover 
  • Voice over video 
  • Voice changer 
  • Voice editing 
  • Voice over the presentation

Murf is one of the greatest voiceover tools since you can: 
  • Emphasize certain phrases to draw attention 
  • Adjust the pitch and pace of voiceovers to suit the circumstance
To flawlessly match your speech with video in Murf studio, establish an audio block for each scene. A presentation is no exception.
Murf’s noise reduction tools might help you obtain a quiet recording setting.
Murf’s AI voice changer can turn your audio into a script. Or submit a script straight into the Murf studio. The program also helps you edit pauses, erase unwanted words, and enhance the script’s flow. Murf has an advantage over other tools in that it can modify your voice to create different voices. Not having many voice actors available is useful when you require various voices in a video.
Use Murf to save money and time.
  • It also enables you to add voiceovers to Microsoft and Google PowerPoints. Enter your presentation’s script and choose your voice and voice style.
  • You receive 10 minutes of voice creation and transcription for free, with all of Murf’s AI voices.
  • The free plan allows you to share/link your videos but not download them.
  • Paying for premium features is possible.


Play.ht has over 570 AI voices in 80 languages. 7000+ individuals and teams globally trust the platform. It generates AI voice and realistic text to speech (TTS).


The Play.ht voice AI generator unlocks the following features:
  • Get commercial rights for any audios developed at no additional charge 
  • Use generated voices in podcasts, audiobooks, blogs, etc.
  •  100+ realistic voices
  • You may improve the quality of your work by changing punctuation and word pronunciations.
  • There’s also an option to define a tone for each section.
  • Play.ht offers its own safe cloud for storing audio files. The platform accepts MP3 and WAV audio files.
  • You also receive a text-to-speech reader widget for your blogs and web pages.
  • Play.ht begins at $19/month (billed monthly) and $14.25/month (paid annually).
  • It offers a free plan, but it’s basic. It can only test basic functionalities. Upgrade your plan to fully use it.


Clipchamp is a text-to-speech generator. It’s a tool for creating voiceovers.
The application contains 170 distinct voices in 70 languages, all chosen by the Clipchamp team.
  • Feminine 
  • Masculine 
  • Neutral

These voices span languages, ages, and accents.

  • It has a speed control function. You may change the speed of each phrase independently.
  • It has three paid plans. After signing up, you have access to the free plan which only allows 480p movies. Upgrade to a premium subscription for higher video quality.


Lovo is an AI voiceover and text-to-speech application. It can generate stunningly human-like voices.

  • 80,000+ artists in 41 countries trust Lovo and 7 million voiceovers have been generated.

  • Lovo features over 180 voice skins in 33 languages.
Quickly build personalised voice skins using Lovo.
  • E-learning 
  • Marketing 
  • Documentary 
  • Games 
  • Explainer Videos 
  • Audio Books 
  • News 
  • Animations 
  • IVR

The platform includes an API that can be integrated in 5 minutes.
Lovo has a free plan with basic features that will help you become used to the tool.
It offers Personal and Freelancer plans with seasonal reductions. The Lovo API is not included in the normal plan.


Intuitive voice generation using Resemble.ai. It’s a costly tool yet effective if you’re willing to sacrifice quality.


  • The program allows you to clone your own voice in AI and access a large collection of pre-built AI voices.
  • It also provides an API for importing raw audio or creating a new voice.
  • Resemble.ai is compatible with Aircall, Unity, and TikTok. This expands the tool’s and product’s use cases.
  • It allows you to upload or record your voice and dub it into different languages.
  • With Resemble Fill, you may change and customize existing speech.
  • The tool’s pricing isn’t listed on the website. It simply displays the Entry plan’s cost. For example, Resemble’s Entry plan costs you each text character spoken.
  • So, 100,000 characters cost $30/month, 1 million cost $480/month.
  • The tool has two plans: Build and Enterprise, which may be purchased directly from Resemble.

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