80 Number Balloons Photo Overlays with Photoshop Action Free Download

Information & specs of 80 range Balloons picture
Overlays set:

  • Eighty PNG documents
  • Width 1500 PX
  • Photoshop movement for clean applying
  • End buying and make ideal photos for clients!


After complete downloading the archive 80 range
Balloons photo Overlays.Zip’ may be downloaded to the ‘Downloads’ folder or the
one you selected.

Unzip the archive into a folder. Do not be discouraged if
the folder images with a black historical past. There is a screen combination mode that lets you eliminate the black background with the aid of showing
only gadgets in Photoshop.

Open Photoshop, open an image that you may apply, and observe
one of the ways underneath.

PLEASE allow ME to know if you have ANY QUESTIONS.


There are three approaches to apply photograph overlays: 1st
– the usage of Overlay movements (include) second – the usage of Quickstart PSD
route (encompass handiest in pro version) third – general, Drag’n’Drop approach.

1ST way: OVERLAYS action

This approach is more revolutionary as it lets in you to
quickly practice overlays from any folder, even from other sellers. Within the
settings of the action, you may set the hotkey F3 (as an example) so that
during one click you call this movement

Photoshop talk field opens and activates you to select the
report. Click ‘keep’ and discover the folder you unzipped and choose the image
you want. This image will right now get into your Photoshop document wherein
the image is open.

Scale, rotate or reflect the overlay in case you want

Press Cmd (Ctrl) + enter and the action will create a layer
masks and two adjustment layers. If necessary, observe a black brush on the
layer mask to hide the photograph in which vital, and within the correction
layers, alter the color or stages so that the overlay appears appropriate for
the photo.

Something greater

Like-minded with any software program which goes with layers
(Photoshop CS5+, Photoshop Elements, paint shop pro, and many others.)

Zip File Password is : Sufian1444

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