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It allows users to access the toolbar, which adds functionality to their content, and it provides access to the commonly used functionalities in word processing applications and powerful documentation software, where changes like editing, formatting, inserting or deleting text, copying or moving text, and replacing it can all be accomplished by using the editing toolbar in Microsoft Word.

The following are some of the most frequently used features in Microsoft Word:

Format text

Formatting instructions may be found on the home tab of the font group in the Formatted text. You may style a single word, a line of text, or an entire document by first selecting the text to be formatted, then selecting options like changing the font, font size, and adding emphasis such as bold, italics, or underlines. We may make words bold or italicized, underline or highlight the text, produce an unordered list or an ordered list, and we can alter the orientation to left, right, or center.

Copy and paste from word

As soon as we’ve selected and edited the link we wish to work with, we can then click on the ‘Create link’ button to save our changes. Right-click on the hyperlink and choose ‘Remove hyperlink’ from the context menu to erase it. paste from the Word document

The hidden Microsoft characters in our paper may be removed using the word’s copy and paste feature. Click the “Paste” special function button, pick or check on the bullet “Paste from Microsoft Word,” then paste our word text in the text box and then click on “Complete paste,” which will copy the word content from the word document.

Create a table

It is the junction of rows and columns that is known as the cell when it comes to tables. As soon as you’ve clicked “Insert” and selected “Table,” you will be sent to a box where you can choose the number of columns and rows you want in the table and then click “OK.” To travel between cells in a table, the ‘Tab’ key may be used, hitting the tab key creates a new row, and using ‘Shift+Tab’ keys allow us to move a cell back in the table. The arrow keys enable us to go up, down, left, and right.

Edit a table

We can modify a table in Microsoft Word by selecting a cell, then clicking on the table icon, which will offer us a list of choices from which we can pick ‘Edit table’ to make changes to the table’s general settings. During editing, if we want to add a new row or a new column, we may do it by clicking on the insert below or insert above buttons, respectively. Columns and rows may also be deleted from the table if necessary.

Insert hyperlink(link)

A hyperlink is distinguished from the regular text in a document by its use of a distinct color and underlining. You may go to a different file or website or open new emails by clicking on a hyperlink in your document.

Hyperlinks may be added and removed from a word document. First, choose the text or picture you want to connect to, then right-click on it and select ‘Hyperlink.’ Whether this is called a link or a hyperlink depends on the version you’re using. Next, choose the sort of destination you want to link to, then fill in the required information. Go to the ‘Address’ text box, type in the URL, and then click on ‘Place in this document, and then click on ‘Create a new document,’ to create a new document from an existing one. Enter the name of the document in the text box labeled “Name of the document” and then click the “Change” button to see whether you want to edit the document now or later.

Then click on the ‘Email address’ text box and type in the email address the reader may use to contact you. In addition, we have the option of selecting a ‘Type of topic’ from the drop-down menu. The document now displays the content as a hyperlink.

Edit and Remove links

For editing the link first select the link which we want to edit and then select the Insert/edit link option, update the web address and then click on the ‘Create link’. We can remove or delete the existing hyperlink, for deleting the hyperlink right-click on it and click on the ‘Remove hyperlink’.

Html Editing

As well as utilizing Microsoft Word’s editing features, we can also alter our content using the Html editor. You can open your web page as a plain text file with Html code by selecting the ‘File’ tab, then select ‘Open. Then you may explore and modify your web page’s file.

Resize the edit window

The edit window’s resized button allows us to achieve this as well. We can receive the full-screen view of the edit window by clicking on the resize button and to return to the usual view, we may click on the same button.

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