Adobe Illustrator for advanced users and It’s Types

Adobe Illustrator – Art of Writing

There are many examples of it in daily life such as street signs, boards, product packaging, posters, and stickers.

Serif:             This typeface is quite popular due to its traditional style. This is an excellent magazine and newspaper pick.

San Serif:    San means without in French, therefore these fonts lack the serif’s little stroke. PC, smartphone, and tablet fonts.

Display:       Display fonts include Script, Blackletters, All Caps, and a plain fancy style.

These typefaces are great for posters, titles, and graphic design.


Character Design

Any creative effort necessitates the use of characters, objects, and forms to communicate your ideas, emotions, and feelings to an audience. Only then will everyone be able to connect with it without difficulty. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of cartoon characters that we encounter on television, computers, and the internet on a daily basis.

Illustrator is the program I use for my creative process.


Map graphic helps determine a country’s territory. Cartography is the study of maps, including weather, forests, rivers, towns, etc. There are several maps. Themes, physical and political ones.

Design of Patterns

Creating designs in the textile business is made easier by using seamless patterns. Due to the fact that vector editing applications accelerate the creative process, Adobe Illustrator for students can do this activity quickly and effectively. Furthermore, geometric forms or things are simple to design and create with the help of a tool that is included in the Illustrator software package.
Adobe Illustrator was used to altering the watercolor pattern design.

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