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Illustrator Plugins

Adobe Illustrator plugins are a useful addition. Adobe Illustrator always strives to improve its vector-editing capabilities. There are also several third-party Illustrator add-ons available that will save you time and enhance your artwork.

Top Illustrator Plugins

Illustrator’s top plugins are as follows:


If you wish to work in 3D, MAXON’s Cineware plugin, developed with TurboSquid, is free. This application is designed for graphic designers who are intimidated by 3D tools but want to experiment with them. This plugin allows users to import Cinema 4D files and adjust lighting, texture, and perspectives to blend 3D aspects with 2D design.

VectorScribe v3

VectorScribe is a vector-based Swiss Army Knife, according to its creators. This application allows you to manipulate paths, handles, and points, making editing and reducing file sizes a breeze.

With VectorScribe’s effective measures, you can quickly and accurately estimate anything from simple lengths to route areas and angles, avoiding any assumptions when you want objects with the exact right size.

Gold Rush

Use Gold Rush, a plugin that gives all the foil, metallic, and glitter effects you’ll ever need, to give your design a beautiful appeal. It has 218 raster swatches and 35 stroke components.

Many different foil effects are included in the collection, including crushed foil. It comes in gold, rose gold, silver, copper, and black.

VectorFirstAid V2

This is the newest version of Astute Graphics’ VectorFirstAid, which can clean up vector files with a single click. Inflate is a plugin that helps reduce excess information from imported artwork.

The new features of VectorFirstAid V2 focus on text grip. The Combine Text Lines Engine has been rebuilt to help change and/or rotate types while keeping tracking, kerning, sub and superscripts, indents, etc. One of the useful capabilities is the alignment of point text, which may be used to avoid text conversions.


A plugin filter that merges numerous paths into one consistent path, comparable to the merge path function in Illustrator.

Concatenate also has an assimilation function that searches a chosen region or layer for non-selected pathways and combines them.

Fontself Maker

This plugin is vital for designers. Make standard and colour vector fonts from your engraving. It gives your design a creative edge.

It is really simple to use this plugin, simply drag and drop your engraving into the Fontself Maker window and it does the rest. Once your font is finished, you may export it as an.otf file and use it in your design as needed.

Phantasm P3 

It is a simple plugin. It provides bitmap editing tools and alternatives to a vector plan, bridging Photoshop and Illustrator. It has colour, saturation, curves, levels, automation, etc.

It offers non-destructive halftone and duotone effects. It also adds an overprint preview and the option of separation to Illustrator’s prepress arsenal.

Yemz Mesh Tormentor

Artists have differing ideas on Illustrator gradient meshes. However, regardless of whose side of the issue you are on, mesh tormentor makes the process lot simpler and faster.
Twenty new buttons allow you to reflect, rotate, and shift colours, convert knots into vertexes, and much more.

Magic Exporter

Jeremy Marchand’s Magic Exporter simplifies the process of converting Ai objects to web-ready PNG files. With Magic Exporter, you just mark the item and export it using the dedicated menu. Exported objects do not need manual layer hiding or slicing.

Everdrifter Watercolor Pro

This plugin gives watercolour brushes to give your design a painted look.
There are 12 watercolour AI brushes and 49 watercolour backdrop tiles included in the huge toolkit. It also includes 42 quick watercolour graphic styles and 50 paint splats.

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