Best Tools to Convert Images into Video to Create Movies and Animation

Create video from still images

Visual content is different than others when it comes to having an effect on the market. Through this, company owners may create an effect in the market through product videos and commercials. People adore crafting films utilizing memorable photographs, especially for important events like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

The movies and animated visuals provide the proper message in the market in a few minutes. However, transforming the photographs into films might be tough if you are ignorant of the correct and free tools. To make it simpler for users to convert the photographs into films effortlessly, we have gathered together a list of a few online picture video producers tools.

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Let’s get moving.


InVideo is a popular program used to convert text to movies, produce graphics, posters, have pre-made themes, and such. Users may effortlessly pick up images and convert videos online for free to enchant the public. It is easy for users to pick the templates that meet their needs, drag-drop the photos, and change them. With InVideo, users can effortlessly add stickers, movies, photographs, and phrases to include in the final edit.

This picture converter gives a choice of effects and traditions to produce the movie smoothly. It is easy to add text, shapes, social icons, stock photos, etc., with this online tool.
  • Login to InVideo or create accounts.
  • Choose from the 5,000+ templates that are accessible on the platform as per the necessity.
  • Upload the photos that one needs for the video or pick from InVideo’s collection.
  • Users may drag and drop the photos into the frame. It is easy to edit, cut, and trim them that can fit the criteria.
  • Check the transitions and effects that are required in the final edit.
  • Download the picture in various resolutions if you are pleased with the results.


Another notable image video creation tool is VEED.IO which has been in the market for a long time. This picture converter enables users to incorporate logos, photographs, and graphics to generate a film. It is simple to upload photographs online with a few clicks just. Users may rearrange, rotate, crop, resize and edit the images as per their needs.

  • Drag and drop the video template from the various possibilities.
  • Choose the photographs from the folder and add them to the template.
  • Edit the photographs according to the need.
  • It is simple to download the finished result.
  • VEED provides a straightforward user interface that enables uploading photos easily without previous knowledge in designing. Thie internet program enables users to access all the features and free to use to log in from any device.

Adobe Spark Video

Adobe is one of the most used programs for making logos, photos, graphics, web pages, and movies. One of its products, Adobe Spark Movie, is used to swiftly generate a video of photographs using its easy-to-use and simple interface. A user demands several photographs or pictures from the camera roll, combining them together, and generating a film.

Along with this, users can personalize the videos with text, modify the duration of slides, and explore other layouts to fascinate the audience. To utilize the Adobe picture converter, customers need to follow a few basic steps.
  • Upload the photos.
  • Choose the timeframes by dragging the photographs one after and another.
  • Explore the themes and select the appropriate one, including how the text will slip into the frame, exchanging format, colors, etc.
  • Check the timestamp and change the sliding scale to produce videos.
  • Customize the video according to your preferences.


use Animoto without any essential skills in graphic or video creating with a few clicks. The program comes with transitions and beautiful typography that may bring originality to the final film.

  • Upload the photographs and pick the template.
  • Adjust the photographs as per the needs – blur it, zoom it, crop, move, rotate, apply a filter, etc.
  • Include the text in the movie, pick typefaces, add animations, etc.
  • Choose the various styles that will make your photo shine out.
The finest part about the tool is to produce a film of photographs for the companies as well. Be it a catalog or video format of the website, it will cover all. Add on the graphics, photographs, logos, etc., and provide your consumer every essential information. Once done, the users may quickly share the completed movie on social networking platforms or download it to add to the website.


Fastreel is another program that can instantly convert video online from photos. This photo-to-video converter is user-friendly and straightforward to use as users have to upload the PNG, JPEG, or GIF files to the programs that will convert into AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, and WMV. It is easy to add soundtrack, music, and even upload audio to the video before extraction.

Some of the key characteristics of Fastreel are: s⦁ It is simple to set the transition styles for dynamic and smooth films.
  • Users may pick a series of photographs that will transform into a movie within seconds.
  • It is simple to adjust the time of slides with this picture converter.
  • Fastreel also lets users integrate free soundtracks.
  • No need to download the software or programs. Just visit the site and convert the video online.
  • It is straightforward to use, and intuitive app UI for novices too.

Kapwing Studio

Kapwing Studio can effortlessly convert photographs to videos for YouTube and other media sites in easy stages.

  • Upload the photographs in the picture movie creator and drag-drop them to add them as layers.
  • The users may set the aspect ratio for YouTube and social media.
  • Adjust the time for photos, add a ⦁ background, if any, and apply filters.
  • Paste the audio URL or file and cut, trim the video according to the demand.
  • Check the opacity, saturation, brightness, etc., and save the file.
Kapwing converter contains numerous benefits such as no watermarks, no advertisements, no spam, etc. It is also an online tool that doesn’t need to install the program. It is one of the most powerful programs that is used to convert video online for free.


Biteable is used to produce a movie of photographs online with a few easy clicks. Users may quickly make films by adding photographs, editing, organizing, animating, and exporting them. Here are the precise instructions to make it simple for you to start generating films from images.

  • Click on “Create new video” and pick the template that will meet your needs.
  • Click on “Add Scene” and start adding photographs.
  • Drag-Drop the scene, tinker with the timeline, trim it, and arrange photographs in the appropriate sequence.
  • Choose “Image effect” to lend life to the static photographs, create transitions, flip the image, etc.
  • If the end output is not excellent then users may change it again, otherwise, download it.
However, consumers will download the videos with a watermark. To remove it, the users need to acquire premium membership.
This picture converter can effortlessly merge many photographs and turn them into video as per the needs within a few seconds.


The picture movie creator may enable users to gather unforgettable and beautiful photographs into one.

Typito is a prominent online movie creator that lets users to add music, video clips, and many photographs simultaneously. The essential procedures that are performed in this movie creator are: s⦁ Start the web tool and start adding the photographs from the collection. Select the template or slideshow for the pictures.
  • Arrange the uploaded files in the specified template in the sequence. Users may trim, crop, modify, resize the photographs according to the demand and better composition.
  • Once done, add the text captions and music to the ⦁ slideshow while innovating it properly.
  • Download the video.
  • Why go for Typito as the picture converter?
  • It includes simple to drag and drop features with numerous features like stylized text, adding music, etc.
  • It features a brand kit to add brand fonts, colors, etc., guaranteeing that it is ready to provide market value
  • There are several formats for videos in different aspect ratios that enable consumers to pick according to their preferences.
  • It delivers a real-time preview to guarantee that the final cut is sorted.


Just like other photo converter tools, Clideo can effortlessly transform a series of photographs into a movie. The customers may upload many media such as images, movies, and GIFs, using the web tool to cover the reason with no plugins, add-ons, extra applications, or apps. It is compatible with any operating system, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.

  • Start with putting the photographs online via a social networking link or Dropbox/Google Drive.
  • Alter the photos in a sequence to fit them in a frame and adjust the aspect ratio according to the needs.
  • It is straightforward to trim, alter, and zoom in on the photographs along with it adjusting the time of the film.
  • In this photo video creator, users may add the soundtrack and make the image look skillful using “Crossfade”.
  • It is simple to alter the music of the video and voice.
  • If you are pleased with the outcome, download it.

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