Best Tools to Create Beautiful GIF Online

Best Tools to Create Beautiful GIF

In fact, Giphy, the most popular GIF sharing site, attracts over 300 million visitors per day. It’s ridiculous and demonstrates the amount of excitement there is for GIFs.

I don’t know about you, but I send GIFs on social media sites practically every day, and it’s more fun than standard emoticons, perhaps because they’re more visually expressive. No matter what you’re feeling like, there’s a GIF to depict it perfectly.

But what if for some reason you can’t locate the correct GIF at the right time? Well, that’s when you make your own. With the websites described in this post, you may generate your own GIFs and communicate with your audience.

If that sounds fascinating, let’s dive into it.

GIF Maker by Giphy

This list cannot be complete without mentioning Giphy, so I better start with it. As I indicated before, this site is the most popular source for producing and sharing GIFs on the internet. It was created in 2013 and since then become the go-site option for GIFs:-With their GIF Maker tool, you can bring in any videos/clips from the internet and generate your own GIFs from it. You start by uploading the video to the GIF Maker screen, setting the appropriate start and finish time, adding captions, and sharing it with your audience.


As easy as the name, GIFS is an animated GIF producer and editor that provides you a tonne of customizing choices. Right on the site, you can select to input the video URL or upload your own and then take it to the editor.

Once you’re in the editor, you may add:
  • Captions 
  • Stickers 
  • Various filters
  • Transitional impacts
Besides, you may trim, rotate, blur, or flip your footage. Not to forget, the “ping pong” option enables you to loop your footage, again and again, giving it the ideal GIF flavor.

Make A GIF

Another extremely enormous collection of shareable GIFs, Make A GIF, allows you to browse through a tonne of GIFs and even make your own. You may pick from a broad choice of alternatives, such as: 

  • Pictures
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook videos
  • Your videos
  • Via webcam
And then make them into fascinating GIFs. This service is normally free, but they also offer a paid membership if in case you’d want to access features, such as HD resolution GIFs and rapid uploading/editing. Be sure to take advantage of their 3-day free trial. is a really easy website to generate your GIFs, slideshows, and video animations together with the music. You don’t even have to register, simply visit the website and click on either the “Upload images” or “Video to GIF” option.

Also, you may even build animated symbols and avatars of yourself to be used on forums. After you’re done designing any of the creatives, you may resize, rotate, and reverse them as per your needs.

This service is free and works well on all web browsers as long as you have a flash player installed.


A pretty cool website to produce animated GIFs, ImgFlip allows you to pick from movies and photographs to build something beautiful. You may either upload your files or simply paste the necessary URL, and the utility will perform its job.

Apart from generating GIFs, you can also check out some of the “Hot” GIFs right now on their website and maybe seek some inspiration.


EzGIF is a pretty basic GIF creator that provides tonnes of adjustments. You may select to generate, resize, trim, optimize, reverse, and even add some creative effects to your GIFs. Can, you can also place your text on it.

With this program, you can transform photographs and as well as movies into GIFs.


With GIFpal, you can make and edit GIFs simply. It enables you to add stop motion frames, edit them, adds effects, and even record video. You may opt to utilize this program on a computer and even on your mobile phone.

Getting started is really simple. All you do is choose your preferred size and either upload photographs or open your camera to snap one on the spot. Selecting the camera option would open your webcam or phone camera, depending upon which device you’re accessing it from.


Last but not least, Gickr is another remarkable GIF creator that has a tonne of wonderful features. You may upload media from your device, Flickr, YouTube, or Picasa.

You start by uploading a minimum of 2 photographs and then pick your preferred size. After that, you may set the speed and witness your GIF in action.


One of the handiest websites on our list, Bannersnack enables you to make gorgeous animated banners and GIFs with maximum simplicity. You may start by picking any of their pre-made templates, adjusting them to your requirements, and BOOM, you have your banner ready.

With this application, you can also generate fascinating GIFs expressly suited for posting on social media. You may get started for free and pay later on when you’d like some additional features like endless stock photos and beautiful motion effects.


Gfycat enables you to utilize an external URL from sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch or upload your own video. The GIF editor enables you to trim, add subtitles and apply numerous effects. In addition, this program also enables you to add sounds to your GIFs.


An incredible app that you can download on your Windows PC or Mac, Recordit enables you to simply record your screen and even produce a GIF out of it.

With the click of only a few buttons, you can set your preferred resolution and boundaries and start recording your screen. After you’re done, you may share the clip using the given URL.

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