Best Video Cropper Tools for Personal or Business

Best video cropping software

For personal or professional use, these are the best video cropping
Are you searching for an online video cropper? Well, it is not as simple
as one may imagine.

Videos have become one of the key methods to communicate with clients and
enhance exposure. It has reached a whole new level, whether it is on
Instagram stories, reels, TV, gaming, YouTube, social media, or

However, the possibilities are that the videos are huge for particular
platforms. For instance, a YouTube video of 10 minutes is not the ideal
match for the Instagram platform. Hence, it becomes crucial to know how to
crop the videos that may assist extract the key section of the film.

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Youtube Video


Movavi is accessible on Mac and Windows platforms that can generate,
produce, and edit movies swiftly. Users can down the program and start
altering them instantaneously.

There are various elements including keyframe animation, special effects,
and read-made intros that users may incorporate. It helps edit
entertaining and high-quality films for the users, featuring amazing
built-in capabilities.


Promo online video cropper is the quickest and simplest method to
edit the video or crop it instantaneously. The online tool is great for
crop video and design, branding, and adding music that provides a fresh

Users may quickly upload the videos, pick the media libraries or
templates, set desired crop size – square, wide, vertical – and download
the finished film. The tools assure to crop video in the right ratio and
stand out.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the practical products of Adobe that assists
in cropping the video for free. Users may set the aspect ratio and crop
the video instantaneously.

Upload the video from the device, pick the aspect ratio or put it in
custom size, crop the region, and download the video. The ratio will rely
on landscape, square, or portrait size to match the demand. Some
handlebars enable users to trim the video (to the precise moment) to
acquire the results and even add or mute the music. Online UniConverter is an online UniConverter that can simply crop the video
online. It is a free and no watermark video editing program supporting
WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, etc., formats. Users may quickly crop the video
for YouTube and Instagram platforms in the aspect ratio such as 1:1, 4:3,
21:9, 16:9, 4:5, etc. This online tool helps trim, crop, flip, rotate and
alter videos.


Biteable is an internet program that may aid in cropping videos for
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to mention a few. It is simple to use
and pleasant making it a great platform.

Users may upload the movie online or add scenes, crop the video for the
tale, mobile, square, wide, and other aspect ratios, drag the corners,
manage the video, and save the output.

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Animaker offers numerous features that one may select for, including crop
video online. The tools allow video cropping in landscape, square, FB
portrait, FB cover, vertical proportions, etc. Users may effortlessly cut
and save the movies without worrying about the watermark.

This program can assist trim videos for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter,
Snapchat, and more in any size and format. The users need to choose a
preferred social networking site, upload the video (drag-drop), modify the

video, and then press the download button.


Typito works efficiently with a few clicks. It may crop or trim any
area of the video using any aspect ratio. Users have to submit the video,
trim it as per the aspect ratio formats, see the results and download

The tool helps edit, cut, and combine video simply using the brand kit
and over 20+ video formats. The video cropper online is a basic tool that
works on widescreen, square, vertical, and more aspects.

Crop, Cut & Trim Video Editor

Crop, Cut & Trim Video Editor is a smartphone application that
can effortlessly eliminate undesirable areas, blur the backdrop, improve
color, no watermark, etc., for TikTok and Instagram. The users have to
choose the movie, blur the location, set trim, choose the intervals,
improve colors, preview, and share.


Kapwing is simple to crop video for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram,
IGTV, YouTube, and other social media sites. The users may start with
uploading the video, choose the aspect ratio to start cropping, and then
download the completed video. Features like adding music, text,
animations, and others increase the video quality that fits precisely
without any watermark.

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