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Color Palette Maker for Your Next Project

Design Your Next Project With These 14 Stunning Color Palette Generators.
Color palettes can make or break a brand.
I am not joking. Big businesses like Google, Uber, and Dropbox have maintained a similar color palette throughout time. Their website does not include pages that deviate from their trademark colors.
This post will assist you if you wanted to accomplish the same but didn’t know-how. You’ll learn about the greatest color palette generators for choosing colors for your business.
But first, let’s cover the essentials for those who don’t know.
What color scheme?

  • Logo 
  • Brand identity 
  • Infographics 
  • Website design 
  • Mobile applications
It aids in conveying the brand message via colors.
Choose the correct colors for your brand.

As stated before, choosing the proper colors for your brand is crucial. Using the proper colors has several advantages:
  • Meaning for your brand.
  • Not all colors are created equal.
Blue, for example, represents trust, security, and accountability. Orange, on the other side, conveys joy. Choosing the appropriate color for your brand means sending the proper message.
Gains consumer trust

Colors are pleasing and professional to everyone, including consumers. They’ll remain with your brand for a long time, if not forever if they see your colors jump out in a nice manner.
Identifies the brand

Making your company stand out with the proper colors requires creating a mental picture. They’ll become acclimated to the colors if you utilize them on your website and communications. They’ll probably identify your brand colors the next time they encounter them.
Come and see the colors!


Coolors is an awesome drag and drops color palette creator. As the name implies, this service is really amazing. You may adjust the order, tweak each hue, and even develop comparable alternatives.

By hitting the space bar, you may lock your favorite color codes and locate alternatives. Coolors is an online app with an iOS app and an Adobe add-on.

Adobe Color CC

Like me, you enjoy Adobe software. Their tools are amazing in terms of utility and value. Adobe Color CC is a fantastic program that enables you to build color palettes from photographs or from scratch.

Deep customizing options may first astound you. Once you get the hang of it, this tool can do some remarkable things.


BrandColors is a fantastic source of inspiration. It includes an extensive library of authentic brand color codes from which you may draw inspiration. This is fantastic for re-igniting your creativity after it has drained.

They now offer over 600 brand colors and the selection is increasing. Popular publications like Smash Magazine and Tuts+ have repeatedly highlighted them.
It’s also free to use, so give it a go.


This tool is ideal for those who are unsure about their color choices. When you first open Khroma, you’ll be prompted to choose your preferred colors.

After completing the questionnaire, you will be shown the colors that best represent your brand.


ColorDrop is a great option if you’re a lover of flat design. Color palettes for your website and logo may be found here. There are so many possibilities on the site alone that you can find yourself there for quite some time.


Color palette generator ColRD is a one-of-a-kind tool. Shows a wide range of color possibilities and displays a color that is close to the one you’re producing right next to it If you use this method, you can go much deeper and narrow down your color choices to only the best ones.


COPASO is one of the most complex color palette generators on our list, with a name that’s as intriguing as its features. Presets such as triad and tetrad are available. While the non-technical may find the user interface a little befuddling, the features more than make up for it.


ColorMind is able to interpret photographs, paintings, and other kinds of art and generate color schemes quickly. Pre-made palettes are an easy way to get started, but you may also use their features to build your own from scratch.

Color Hunt

Designers will like Color Hunt, another excellent choice with a visually stimulating UI. New color schemes are added to Color Hunt on a daily basis, ensuring that there is something for everyone. You just have to go through the library and get the codes for the ones you’re interested in.


You may build and manage your color palettes with a few clicks on Colordot, a website designed with simplicity in mind. Colordot also offers an iOS app for creating colors on the go, in addition to the online version.


Like the previously mentioned app’s palette generator, Colourcode also uses just a few mouse clicks and button presses to do its task. To save your color palette, either download it as a PNG, post it online, or just copy and paste the color code into your browser.


An excellent minimal-style tool that recommends colors and then removes or adds as you go.. To ease your doubts, Palettable is a terrific solution. This is a great tool since it allows you to see the whole page in full-screen mode, which improves your ability to comprehend the content. It’s possible to save your palette in the form of a PNG or a URL.

Eva Design System

When it comes to color, Eva Design System’s five distinct color columns provide you plenty of options. Up to nine tonnes of the chosen hue may be found in each column. You may export your color schemes as a JPEG or JSON file after you’ve finished completing them.

Flat UI Colors 2

Flat UI Colors 2 is the latest version and update. On the site alone, there are 14 distinct color palettes spanning from British to Indian.

Each color palette has about 20 professionally selected colors. Simply click “copy” to receive the HEX code. You may also export in RGB or RGBA instead of HEX.

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