How to Create a Favicon for a Website?

What is a Favicon and How to Generate a Favicon for a Website?

Your website’s favicon is a little symbol that appears next to your site’s URL in the browser. How to make a favicon for your website will be covered.
In life and in business, it’s the simple things that may make a big impact.
When it comes to branding, I feel that the tiniest details may make all the difference. The favicon is one such component.
Icons that appear next to your website’s title on browser tabs are known as favicons.
It makes it easier for your visitors to distinguish your site from the rest of the open tabs. Keep in mind that a favicon is distinct from a logo, although you may use the same design for both.
Please don’t go on to suggest that “this tiny thing isn’t significant,” because it very certainly is. It establishes your website’s credibility and makes your company more recognisable. Visitors’ confidence is immediately bolstered when they see that an effort was made to improve the site’s appearance and branding.
Let’s get right down to it.


With Faviconer, you can create your own favicon from scratch or upload an existing picture to have it converted. There are 16×16 and 32×32 options, or you may go for both.

This application has a unique feature: You may upload a picture and then begin drawing on top of it. If you’ve already created a picture and only need a few tweaks, this is the tool for you. ICO format is recommended for favicon export because of its compatibility with web browsers.
If you’re still having trouble, you may watch their video lesson at the bottom of the website, which explains how to utilise it. Everything is completely free to use. is one of the simplest methods for creating or converting a favicon. Your produced favicon may be placed wherever you choose, and using the tool is entirely free. PNG and ICO formats are available for export, as well.

This utility has many options for creating a favicon. To begin, here’s a screenshot that was taken straight from the source material. It is possible to create a text-based favicon without an image or logo by selecting this option.
The second one is derived from a picture or trademark. The only thing you need to do is upload the picture or logo you want to use, and this application will handle the rest.
Finally, there are emojis. Using their pre-made emojis, you can design your favicon with ease. Only a modest website or one that isn’t “too serious” should consider this option.


On Favic-o-Matic, you may pick between two sizes. The first is the standard 1616 + 3232-pixel favicon, while the second is universal, generating a favicon for every platform.

You may also specify a backdrop colour, preset sizes, and other sophisticated options. Your favicon is available in PNG and ICO formats.
Upload your photograph and watch the magic happen. It is free to use, but a contribution is always welcome. So, if you find it beneficial, remember to contribute.


With RealFaviconGenerator, you can build a favicon that looks great on all browsers and platforms. All you have to do is submit your picture, and it will be optimised for all platforms automatically.

Using their tool, you can quickly examine and enhance the appearance of your favicon on any platform. Everything is done in less than 5 minutes.
Furthermore, it’s completely unrestricted and free of charge.


On Fiverr, you’ll be able to find just about every service you can think of.

A favicon is one of the many basic and difficult activities that may be outsourced to freelancers in a massive marketplace.
In my opinion, the design category is the one area where this platform consistently impresses me, even if it’s not a guarantee. As for favicons, you’ll receive a high-quality one every time.
Most assignments start at $5, and most of them provide unlimited changes until you’re completely happy. Since freelancers rely heavily on client feedback, you may rest certain that the reviews you read will be favourable. All you have to do is choose a job that meets your needs and submit your specifications. They can generally have it done within a day or two, depending on the delivery time.
You should look for a gig that includes the source file of the favicon so that you can make minor adjustments if necessary.

Favicon Generator

Last but not least, the Favicon Generator is a free and quick way to generate a favicon. Rather than uploading a picture, you may make one using their customisable features. It’ll be all text but coloured.

  • Text type 
  • Background colour
  • Text colour 
  • Border colour
Simple instructions are provided beneath the choices to help you reach the best outcome. You may export your favicon in ICO format immediately after generation.
If you’re unsure about how your favicon will appear, you may look at the samples at the top of the page.

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