Icons for Your Website That You’ll Love

Get Awesome Icons for Your Website

Whether it’s a fantasy or a real-world event, an icon serves as a visual representation of it.
These are helpful and visually appealing methods to make your material more accessible to your audience. They spruce up a drab undertaking and make it more visually appealing to the target audience.
Free licenced icons are hard to come by; in fact, most of the icons that are freely accessible or need a paid membership to download can only be found online. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the finest places to find both free and paid icons.


Using Flaticon to download free icons is a great idea. In terms of icon size and format, it’s one of the most comprehensive. With proper credit, you may use the icons for both personal and commercial usage.

More than 3 million vector icons are available in the icon library. In addition, these icons may also be edited and customised.
Flaticon not only provides free icons but also sells a broad variety of paid icons. Design icons and get paid if you are a designer.

Envato Elements

Professionals who want the best for their brands will appreciate this premium option.

There are over a million visual assets in Envato Elements, including fonts, photographs and layouts as well as video and audio clips, and of course typefaces as well.
To have access to the icons and other resources, you’ll need to sign up for a monthly payment plan. This subscription includes a commercial licence, so you don’t have to be concerned about using the icons in your next project.
As a result of its eye-catching and distinctive emblem and designs, its products are a good value. In addition to a large number of high-quality icons, the number of new icons being added is almost continuous. This is an excellent premium option for those who want high-quality icon sets.


Easy to discover free icons on Vecteezy. Not a fan of Illustrator’s learning curve? It has a wide variety of icons. The best part of this site is not just icons. But it also has free stock photos.

All logos, pictures, and icons in one place. The left pane also has filters for orientation and content type. Premium features like editing and premium icons are available. It also provides symbols based on your search to help you.


Iconfinder has more than 2 million registered users. It’s a search engine for icons, but instead of words. It is possible to save them as SVG or PNG or AI or ICO or even ICNS files.

The icons may be downloaded in a variety of sizes, ranging in size from 16 pixels to 512 pixels.
If you’re working on a design app and need a way to programmatically retrieve icons, you’ve come to the right place.


There are a lot of graphics on Freepik.

  • Icons
  • Vectors
  • Images from the stock market
  • An ethereal symbiosis
  • Mockup
If you’re starting from scratch on a new project, you may want to look at their existing collections for inspiration.


No, I didn’t intend on modifying the icons before saving them.

What you wanted has been granted. Before you download an icon, you may change the colour, apply effects, overlays, and even add text to it. The free icons are only available in PNG format, while the premium ones come in a variety of sizes and formats.
Developers may use their API to search for and download icons, music, photos, or vectors that they like.


GraphicBurger is a repository of high-quality free icons and other resources. Even though it seems to be the simplest and most basic site on the list, it’s nonetheless deserving of inclusion

There are a number of free icon packs that you can download without having to create an account. It’s also possible to purchase icon sets that include PNG, SVG, and EPS files.
Additionally, there are also UI kits, text effects that can be applied to the background and other graphic kits that can be downloaded for free.


Pngtree has amassed millions of unique graphic designs in a short time. Simply browse the online icon collection and choose the best for your projects.

Images, layouts, drawings and most important icons in PNG format. The icons are only in PNG and PSD. Remember that free members must credit the author, whereas premium members do not.
It will provide you with several options. However, you are welcome to donate high-quality icons and artwork.


Over 2 million professional icon libraries and 400 icon sets in over 30 styles can be found at Iconshock. All but a few are SVG and can be modified. There are a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, including iPhone icons, Flat Icons, and actual Vista icons.

The clean and professional designs of Iconshock have a well-deserved reputation in the design community. The website’s primary layout is simple to use, and finding the icons you’re looking for is a snap.
Your project will benefit from its extensive collection of icons, which can be sorted into several categories. One of the finest places to obtain free icons is, therefore, here.


If you are just starting out and want to use icons to build fantastic designs or services, this website provides a big assortment. You can use their library to add sharp elements to your projects.

Unique and original icon packs are the focus of The Iconstore. So much more. It’s also possible to search for icons based on categories like technology or hand gestures.
Most importantly, there are no premium plans, so everything is free for users.


In order to eliminate the frustration of trying to find an icon, UXWing was created. There are many free icons on this site. It offers professionally-designed icons of the highest quality.

Compressed SVG and PNG versions of the icons are available. There are more than 50+ categories to choose from in terms of diversity. The only way to request an icon is to look for one that doesn’t exist already. This is a great place to get free icons for your next project.


Streamline Icon is a great source for quality icons. There are 720 subcategories and 53 categories of icons to choose from. All available icons are customizable and come in various file formats. Vector icons may be scaled without losing quality.

You may be familiar with their Nova icon set.

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