Low Key Photoshop Action Free Download by Sufian Amjad

Low Key in Photography Photoshop Action

Friends ! I can share amazing photoshop action “Low Key photography”. It is a photographic style that uses (mostly) dark tones to create a dramatic looking picture. Low Key Photoshop Action is used to give color low-key black very easy. Open your picture in photoshop, and play low key action in the Actions panel. Get Amazing result of that picture.
After Play this action, you can adjust shadows and lights (as well brightness and contrast) on the already made curves that affect only a certain part of the picture, which lets you control every aspect of it.

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Low Key Photography Settings

Open Photoshop 
Go Action Panel in Photoshop Install Low Key Photography Action “Load Action”


Use of Low Key Photoshop Action

Open your image. Be sure that is set as the background (if not, go to Layer > New > Background from Layer)
Select the “Low Key” action and click on the play button.
Once the action finishes the process, you may adjust the Brightness and Contrast, fine-tune the Shadows and Highlights using the curves.

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