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Shadowify – Blur & Shadow Kit 

  • Here in this post, you’ll find Shadowify – Blur & Shadow Kit free download from below button. Shadowify basically is a Photoshop extension that allows to you create more natural shadows by applying step wise blur within just once click to your photos, objects, etc.

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How To Install Shadowify – Blur
& Shadow Kit in Photoshop

Shadowify Photoshop kit you
can easily install in photoshop within following only two simple steps. that I
have told to you below.

  • Launch the installer and then
    select the .zxp file from your extracting folder
  • Now your Photoshop extension has been installed
    into your pc. Now you can open it your photoshop and go to window/extensions
    and click on “Shadowify”


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About of Shadowify – Blur &
Shadow Kit

  • Most of the peoples using
    photoshop custom options to applying shadows effects fo any objects and images.
    But often look unrealistic Shadowify allows you to create more natural shadows
    by applying stepwise blur within just once click.


Shadowify – Blur & Shadow
Photoshop Extension

  • Allows you to customize all
    settings. so, you can also turn off blur & create some flat shadows like
    often used in a minimalistic design. The direction can even be adjusted
    afterward via global light. You can save your favorite shadow and blur settings
    as presets for later use.


Features of Shadowify Photoshop

Below you can read it noticeable
features of shadowify photoshop extension that you have to need to know.

  • Full 360° Angle Control
  • Save & Load Unlimited Presets
  • Create Soft Blur Transitions
  • Flat or Realistic Shadows
  • Unit Values (px, in, %, …)
  • Works on any Layer Type
  • Last Settings get loaded at panel
  • Quickly change values per drag on
    the label
  • Editable via Global Light
  • Control Gaussian & Motion Blur

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