Smarticon Generator 2 Download Free

Smarticon Generator 2

Friends! I can share about photoshop plugin, you can download now free below this link. By using this extension you create a 3D icon in a second. The SmartIcon Generator 2 – Isometric generates isometric create 3D icons from a flat shape in just a few seconds. SmartIcon Generator 2 works with every vector shape, pixel layer, Smart Objects, or text layer. The final SmartIcon definitely fits on isometric 3D Map maps.

Photoshop plugin for CS6 and CC-2014 and newer {alertInfo}

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Create Isometric 3D Icons | SmartIcon Generator 2 |



  • 3 different isometric orientations (left, frontal, right)
  • Works with a text layer, vector shapes, pixel layer, Smart Objects, and even Groups
  • Fits on all isometric 3D Maps
  • Global Shadow function
  • 3D icons in seconds
  • Add and delete depth (unlimited)
  • Shadows and reflection on/off
  • Edit the original shape
  • 3 styles: basic, glossy, and custom color (only from CC-2014+)Auto-save as transparent PNG and/or JPG icon set from 512 px up to 32 px
  • 12 example shapes
  • 20-page Help PDF and Tutorial links
  • Package contains
  • Photoshop CC-2014 + newer install kit
  • Photoshop Extensions ZXP file for CS6
  • 12 example shapes as PSD files
  • 20-page Help PDF

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