Static Website Templates for Personal and Startup

Templates for static websites for individuals and small businesses

There’s always a controversy about whether a static website is better than one that makes use of content management systems, and I couldn’t help but try to clarify the air a little bit with this essay.
I know you’ve heard it a million times before, but it’s important to hear it again: everything comes down to one thing: your needs. There are pros and downsides to everything, and this is true for static websites and content management systems (CMS).


Using Slides, you can easily construct a static website with motion.

This service allows you to mix slides to create unique layouts and an overall template that is totally your own.
The template includes 200 slides, 30 panels, and 118 samples. Components like buttons, popup, and slider are also included.
Slides are made using HTML, CSS, and JS. It’s simple to understand and modify, and it doesn’t slow down page speed. If you use Slides, you can host them on GCS.

Template Monster

You should check out Template Monster, which has over 16,000 templates to select from and is one of the go-to places for all things design. The templates may be used for both personal and business purposes, and they are completely free. A range of categories is available to choose from including business, fashion, and beauty as well as foods and automobiles, among other things.

In addition, you have the option of filtering the results based on the following criteria: price, rating, features, color, number of downloads, and date last updated. Thus, you will quickly locate what you are seeking without having to waste time browsing through the more than 16,000 layouts.
All of their templates are of great quality and have been meticulously crafted.

One Page Love

With more than 300 one-page website designs to choose from, One Page Love is a one-stop-shop for all your website needs. Because the collection is so large, you can just hover over the “templates” tab and choose the categories that you want from the drop-down menu.

There are several categories to choose from, including • Photography • Portfolio 
  • Wedding 
  • Resume 
  • Personal 
  • Restaurant 
  • Landing page
All of the themes include information such as reviews, screenshots, a demo, a download link, and a list of features. Relax, knowing that their whole range is packed with features, of great quality, and attractively designed.
Occasionally, they will provide free templates, but in order to be informed of them, you must sign up for their newsletter. If this is something you are interested in, sign up for their newsletter as well.


HTML5 UP offers free static templates licensed under Creative Commons.

It’s all responsive, highly customizable, and built on HTML5 + CSS3. You may download their demo with a single click. The templates are completely responsive and look great on any device.
You can also follow them on Twitter to be notified of new free templates.


On ThemeForest, you can choose from more than 17,000 HTML templates.

You may choose from a number of different categories and then refine your search using a number of different filters. This website is well-known for having one of the most comprehensive collections of themes available, which are not limited to HTML only. There are templates available for every platform available.
You may start by doing a fast search or by browsing the most popular and highly rated things, which will make it simpler to select the finest ones. All of their themes are extremely reasonably priced and come with a variety of licensing options. The templates are divided into two categories: niche templates and multi-purpose templates.

Envato Elements

Because Envato Elements is owned by the same business as ThemeForest, you can be certain that the quality and customer support will be comparable. More than 2,000 HTML and CSS templates are available, all of which are extremely configurable and mobile-friendly.

Envato Elements operates on a subscription-based approach, rather than a one-time purchase strategy. The company’s whole portfolio of goods,
 which includes: 
  • templates 
  • stock audios 
  • stock videos 
  • sound effects 
  • graphics; courses 
and tutorials; photos; fonts…and many more, are available for a specified monthly fee.
Rest confident that everything you’ll discover on our site is of great quality and well-constructed. The good news is that you are not obligated to immediately subscribe to their premium plan. It’s possible to get started with a free account that provides you with 12 additional files every month.


Carrd allows you to create professional one-page websites with the help of their free collection of templates, whether you’re looking for a personal template or a conversion-driven landing page. The websites that you create using this service will be very adaptable and flexible, while also being quite straightforward in their design.

All of the templates are stylish and display well on all devices, allowing you to complete the tasks at hand. If you want to have access to even more capabilities, you can upgrade to their PRO plan, which includes features such as custom domains, forms, and the option to publish many sites rather than just three.


Templated is a collection of over 850 HTML, CSS, and HTML5 templates that are fully responsive and available for free download. This website’s whole collection of templates was created by the company itself and is distributed under the Creative Commons license. Irrelevant of the industry in which you want to develop your website, there will be a suitable template for you to choose from.


Templates for the HTML Bootstrap framework may be obtained from uiCookies and are suitable for usage in personal, commercial, and corporate settings. Moreover, all of their templates are SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly, and responsive, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking.

The templates are free to use, but they must be accompanied by credit. You may, however, avoid the attribution requirement by purchasing either a single theme license or a license for all of the templates for only $59.
Travel, software, and other categories are among the many that you’ll discover on TemplateMonster’s website.


On ThemeHunt, you can choose from 228 high-quality Bootstrap themes. All of them have excellent designs and are really responsive… The templates are available for immediate download at no cost.

The most important thing to take away from this website is that most (if not all) of their templates are routinely updated and have a professional appearance.

Creative Market

Practically all digital assets are available for purchase on the Creative Market, which you may have already heard of. The Creative Market is a massive marketplace where you can acquire almost any kind of digital asset you can think of. When it comes to website templates, you’ll find everything from landing pages to portfolios to blogs and even corporate style, as well as complementary tools such as UI graphics and social icons, among other things.

It is possible to sort the results and even apply filters such as a price range and file types in order to locate your desired template.


Use Leeflets to create a simple one-page site for a newsletter, portfolio, service, or payment page. It takes only 5 minutes to create and customize. However, bear in mind that publishing it would cost $5/page/month. 

  • Free SSL 
  • Social and SEO optimized 
  • Highly customizable functions within editor panel 
  • Ability to create link tree, profile, and portfolio
Leeflets can connect to third-party services like PayPal, MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Stripe.

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