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Friends! I Can share an amazing photoshop “TOON ARTIST ACTION”. This action work with an amazing effect layer. This preset was tested and is compatible with all the CC versions of Photoshop that have the Oil Paint filter, from CC 2015.5 to the latest release of Photoshop, CC 2020. It is also designed to work with Photoshop in any language, without any special setup.

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TOON ARTIST Action Feature

  • Well-organized layer structure that is color-coded and grouped.
  • The effect is easily modifiable after playback.
  • A total of 1 action, 20 patterns.
  • Tested on images as large as 5,000 pixels.
  • Video tutorial and detailed text guide.

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Image Requirement

The action was tested on images as large as 5,000 pixels. Open the Image Size panel (Image >Image Size) to make sure the Width and Height parameters do not exceed 5,000 pixels

Focus Area

Using a brush with a hard edge is an easy way to do this (you can press F5 to open the brush
settings: set the hardness to 100% and the spacing to 10%, and the preferred size). Make sure the empty layer is selected and draw the area on that layer.

Layer Structure

  • Replace with your text
  • Post FX
  • FG FX
  • Toon Details
  • Toon Lines
  • Toon Color
  • Border FX
  • BG FX
  • BG Patterns
  • BG Color 

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