Top 10 Best Plugins for After Effects

Best Plugins for Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool used by editors, animators, and motion graphic designers. Adobe After Effects is mostly used for post-production work, such as editing a video or animation after it has been shot. After Effects not only has a lot to offer its users, but it also offers third-party plugins that make it more commercial and complex. The plugins allow the user to operate directly in the software in a 3D environment and with 3D objects. The add-ons and presets make work easier and more user-friendly, and new features with simpler choices and settings are supported. These plugins let users create entertaining items and animations by taking their project to the next level or making it more complicated.
Adobe After Effects’ Best Plugins commonly needed in the program are listed below⛛⛛⛛ 
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Element 3D v2.2

This plugin supports GPU acceleration, which is useful for importing 3D materials and objects into the software. The plugin also includes a platform for animating and texturing the objects. The OBJ sequence may be imported, exported, and animated using this plugin. The Alpha Channels may also be used to produce Matter Reflection Modes and Matte Shadows. Because the plugin is so capable, it can also import textures.

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Trapcode Form

This plugin, developed by RED Giant, is comparable to Plexus. In After Effects, this plugin also aids in the animation of particles. The user may also animate 3D sequences using the plugin. The OBJ Sequences may be imported into the Trapcode form, which contains over 130 presets. The GPU-accelerated plugin is capable of performing 3D camera and light effects flawlessly.

PQ FUI Toys 2

This plugin saves time by allowing the user to quickly add many additional UI visuals to a presentation or project. PQ FUI Toys 2 has a wide range of effects based on motion graphics technologies. These programs may assist users in improving their designs and presentations. These plugins may also be updated from any angle, allowing the user to edit and add effects to their scenes more quickly than they could by hand.

Magic Bullet Red Giant

This plugin includes a variety of coloring tools as well as gradient effects. Color adjustments and finishing effects are also available via the plugin. Users who create short video snippets or films would benefit from this plugin. This plugin features over 200 add-ons that may be tweaked and updated at any moment. Noise Cleanup and Real-time Color Corrections are other features of this plugin. The tools may also be used to adjust color tones, skin tones, and alter facial characteristics.

Particle Builder

This plugin was created specifically to operate with a Trapcode plugin. The user may use this plugin to edit and adjust the settings and attributes of particles in general. The plugin is quite useful and beneficial in a variety of ways. The user may produce sand particles, fire particles, smoke particles, and sparkle particles using this plugin. The tools may be used to adjust the particle’s color, size, and dimensions, among other things.


This plugin is provided by Copilot and is free to use. The Plugins’ goal is to produce different types of light effects in animations and projects. Laser lights, neon lights, energy beams, haze, and other effects may be created with the tools. More than 50 presents are included in the tool, which includes Dynamic Text and Mask Outlines, Stackable FX, and Built-in Distortion. Users may also utilize the tools to create high-resolution light beams with realistic glow falloff. The plugin may also be used to modify the core’s upgraded and advanced settings.

Boris FX

This Plugin is very popular and in high demand. The plugins are divided into three sections. Sapphire, Mocha, and Continuum are the three plugins offered by Boris FX. Sapphire, the first plugin, is a repository for other plugins that handle composting, editing, and motion graphics. The second plugin that we use is Mocha is a planar tracking engine-based tracking engine that aids in the blending of videos. Continuum is the third plugin, and it is used for 2D and 3D title settings, color tone settings, picture settings, and other image and animation editing capabilities.

Plexus 3

This is the most powerful plugin; it’s the one that allows you to animate lines and dots in a 3D scene. Plexus 3 is also capable of generating, modifying, and animating particles at the same time. In addition, the plugin can load OBJ sequences and build facets between particles. It also has a useful Sound Picker and can render sprites.


This is a widely used character and model rigging plugin. After Effects is unable to Rig any character on its own, necessitating the need for an add-on to complete the task. Bezier IK, 3-layer IK, Stretching IK, and Dynamic Automations may all benefit from the plugin. The tool can also seamlessly rig animal and avian models. When the rigging is done correctly, the animation may be executed smoothly and properly using this plugin.

Deep Grow

Deep Glow is GPU-accelerated for speed, and it
includes useful downsampling and quality options that may be used to generate
unique effects (grainy or stylized glows). You’ll never want to use the default
glow in Adobe After Effects again.

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