Top 5 Student Tools in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator tools

Adobe Illustrator tools are given below:

1. Pen Tool

The pen tool in Photoshop is an extremely strong tool. This is a favorite tool. However, it is difficult to use, particularly for the first time. This tool may be used to pick an item with exceptionally sharp edges.

2. Magic wand

It is also quite strong in Photoshop. So it plays a vital part in the choosing process. In general, to erase a panorama shot, use the Magic Wand Tool and the delete button.

3. Healing Brush

This program is great for repairing old or damaged pictures. To remove items, just use the Healing Brush with the Content-Aware option ON.

4. Refine Edge/Refine Tool

The Rapid Selection Tool provides quick selections, while Refine Edge helps create realistic masks of items, particularly those with feathery parts like hair.

5. Clone Stamp Tool

The clone tool is a stamp. It generates a carbon duplicate of an area so you may copy or clone the pixels. This Photoshop function helps retouching and picture modification.

Adobe Illustrator Feature

It contains numerous sophisticated design tools that can generate great visuals. But here I am, merely describing a handful.

The Shape Builder tool allows you to mix simple complicated shapes/objects into one. It saves time when creating icons, logos, or even geometric objects.

Image Tracing – Image tracing is an illustrator’s greatest function for producing patterns. Illustrator can trace any raster picture.

Draw within — If you use a lot of masking in your project, you may rely on this capability. If you draw outside the boundary box, it will automatically fix itself.

The perspective tool in Adobe Illustrator is vital whether you work in the construction, architectural, or design industries.

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