Transfer WordPress to Google Blogger

 How to transfer WordPress to Google Blogger with an easy way

WordPress is a popular blogging platform that provides intriguing subjects, helpful plugins, and a wide range of support for bloggers. However, you may need to migrate content from WordPress to Google Blogger in some circumstances. The following post will show you how to switch from WordPress to Google Blogger as quickly as possible.

How to transfer WordPress to Google Blogger

You’ll need to export blogs, comments, pages, and posts from WordPress before typing them into Blogger when switching a blog from WordPress to Blogger. The procedure is outlined below.

Step 1:  Go to the WordPress dashboard, select Tools

Step 2: Select Export, output interface, as shown below

Step 3: Select All content and tap Download exported file

Step 4: Go to the WordPress to Blogger Converter online tool, To choose the WordPress file that was just created in step 3, touch Select File…, and then hit CONVERT.

Currently, there is a WordPress plugin called Export to Blogger; you should test it out to see how it works!

Step 5: After a brief wait for the transfer process to complete, we will receive the blogger-export.xml file.
Step 6: Go to Blogger and change your settings.


Step 7: Go to Blogger, Select import content, and select blogger-export.xml in step 5


Step 8: The import process takes place, waiting a bit to finish.


Step 9: The WordPress XML file has been successfully imported into Blogger. In your Blogger account, look for your relocated posts, comments, and pages.

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