Useful Telegram Bots To Save You Time

Best Telegram bot for you

File Converter

This bot converts your files

The File Converter bot can convert practically any file format into another. It will identify the format of any file you submit to the conversation and provide you with converting choices through in-chat buttons. After picking the suitable format, the file is converted, and you may download it.

File to  bot

External cloud storage

File to bot is practically a cloud for storing files. Here you may categorize your saved files, make QR codes and share them on social networks. You simply insert the file into the conversation and the bot will handle the rest.


Translate everything in seconds

Babelgram translates pretty about everything. By adding the bot to a group and activating the chosen language, the bot will take care of translating the input text into the target language. All other users in the group may also utilize the bot by simply entering /enable <language code of input> <language code of translation> in the chat. The bot will translate the content concurrently so that the conversation may proceed smoothly.


A bot to create bots

The Botfather is a Telegram-provided official bot. Users may use it to construct Telegram bots tailored to their individual requirements. As a result, the Botfather is the only starting point for the vast majority of bots on the site.

FB Video Download Bot

To download Facebook videos, utilize FB Video Download Bot. When you run the bot, all you have to do is copy the necessary video URL from Facebook and put it into Telegram.
The Feed Reader Bot analyzes websites and blogs (through RSS feeds), Youtube videos, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, and delivers notifications when new articles or postings are published. The bot is also compatible with Telegram groups and channels. OPML files may also be used to import existing RSS subscriptions.

When one of the sites you follow publishes a new post, you’ll get a notice in your Telegram inbox.

You may save files to the cloud via File to Bot, which has limitless storage on Telegram. It is multilingual, and the first thing the bot asks you to do is choose a language. It then displays a welcome message that reads, “Thank you for visiting the Filetobot Bot (@filetobot). Please save your files here. Send me any file, and I’ll store it in the appropriate category. There are no limitations on personal usage. Make certain that any files you share with others do not break the law “.

You may use it to grant your pals access to files while talking with them.

GameBot is one of Telegram’s most official bots. It’s a Telegram Gaming Platform demo. It enables you to play chat games with your friends and provides links to a few example games.

When you launch the bot, it displays the following message: “I can provide you three entertaining games to play. Simply touch “Play with friends,” then choose a conversation and a game.” Choose your buddy and game, and then you may begin playing.

GetMediaBot enables you to download media from any location. You may, for example, download movies from YouTube, music from Soundcloud, and photographs from Instagram directly.

When you launch the bot, it provides links to search for movies and music. You can also use the buttons to search for lyrics, direct download, and download Instagram stories.

This is a chatbot that tells you over Telegram whenever the following GitHub project gets a new release. You begin by choosing the GitHub repositories you wish to follow using the a /follow command. Then, you can examine the ones you have followed using /list. If you subsequently change your mind, you may /unfollow.
Memes may rapidly go viral today and have seen widespread usage. This bot can produce memes for you fast and with minimum trouble.
A Movies Tracker Bot will also provide you IMDB information on a movie. This is a Telegram Bots bot (from S4 Dynamics).

To find a movie, use the command /search filename, being careful to contain the title in quotation marks if it is more than a word.

This URL Shortener Bot uses sites like & to shorten lengthy URLs. Long URLs may be cumbersome and difficult to comprehend, but a link shortener like this bot made them more bearable.
Although the name of this bot first seems to be a jumbled combination of letters and numbers, if you read it carefully, it really defines what the bot does, which is to take a web page (URL) and convert it into a picture (IMG) as a screenshot.

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