Work Easy with Shortcuts in Illustrator

Shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator

Shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator’s UI is simple to learn and utilize with experience. We’ve compiled a list of important Illustrator shortcut keys to make your life easier. You may use them to create documents, make rapid choices, change text size, use design tools, save work, and so on.

Use the Illustrator shortcuts mentioned below to improve your Illustrator experience.

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Illustrator’s Top 18 Shortcuts

New Document

For Mac, use Command + N and for Windows, Ctrl + N. This is useful when creating a new document. It takes you to the page layout, where you may choose the document you want.

Select All Layer Objects

For Mac, use Option + Click Layer, and for Windows, use Alt + Click Layer. To select all components in a layer, just use the option key and pick the layer. This unlocks locked and invisible layers.

Hand Tool

The shortcut key for Mac and Windows is space.
Holding down the space bar on Mac or Windows activates the hand tool. Hovering over your artboard will not modify your content. When modifying text, this option is incorrect.

Zoom In/Out Tool

For Mac, use CMD + Spacebar, for Windows, press Ctrl + Spacebar (a magnifying glass with a Plus sign displays). If you want to zoom out, press CMD + Option + Spacebar on Mac or Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar on Windows.

If you’re in edit mode and need to use the hand tool, use the appropriate keypad for your device. The mouse left click may be used to swiftly zoom in or out of the scene.

Swap or Directional Selection Tool

CMD for Mac, Ctrl for Windows. This shortcut enables you to switch between the selection and direct selection tools quickly.
Select and move objects precisely

Shift + arrow keys on Mac, Shift + arrow keys on Windows. Use this shortcut to move any Illustrator element a set distance.

Select Multiple Objects

Shift + click works on both Mac and Windows.
You may choose numerous items, move them around, and group them for additional design changes.

Layer Lock Objects

In Mac, it’s CMD+2, in Windows, it’s Ctrl+2. This strategy works well while working on a multi-layered project.

Unlock All Layers

For Mac, use CMD+Option+2, for Windows, use Ctrl+Alt+2. Using this shortcut will unlock all locked layers at once. Otherwise, you’ll have to browse through the layer panel one by one.

Clone Object

Option + drag on Mac, Alt + drag on Windows. To duplicate an item, just use the aforementioned shortcut to make duplicates of it. This technique may clone several objects.

Scale using the Selection Tool

Shift+drag bounding box works on both Mac and Windows.
Consistently scale the chosen artwork.


For Mac and Windows, press I.
By using the eyedropper tool, you may choose a color from a form, picture, or gradient.

Artboards Show/Hide

For Mac, use CMD + Shift + H, and for Windows, Ctrl + Shift + H. Solid lines around the canvas limit the maximum printing area in Illustrator. Using the shortcut command above, you may show/hide them.

Artboard Rulers Show/Hide

For Mac, use Cmd+R, for Windows, use Ctrl+R. Toggle rulers on and off to align artwork.

All Artboards 

The shortcut keys for Mac are CMD + Option+ O and Windows are Ctrl+Alt+O. This lets you see all your artboards at once.

Change Font Size

The shortcuts for Mac and Windows are CMD+Shift+ or Ctrl+Shift+.
This is a simple way to change the text size in your workspace.

Swap Screens

Both Mac and Windows use the F key as a shortcut. View your artwork on several screen settings including regular, full screen, menu bar, and simply full screen.

Web and Devices Save

To utilize the shortcut on a Mac, use CMD Shift Opt + S; on a PC, press Ctrl SHIFT ALBUT + S. This shortcut saves the designer from navigating many alternatives to save their work.

Bonus Shortcut Keys





Command + Z

Ctrl + Z


Shift + Command + Z

Shift + Ctrl + Z


Command + X

Ctrl + X


Command + C

Ctrl + C


Ctrl + V

Command + V

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