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Amazing English Font

Friends, I am going to gives you very beautiful English fonts free of cost.
With this font you can design your own text, with you will use in album dinging or another type of design. In the hopes of saving you from endless scrolling next time you go font hunting, we’ve put together a fun list of the best 50 FREE pretty fonts for your creative projects.
Pretty fonts are commonly associated with feminine or childish designs, but if you broaden your horizons just a little, there are some which work just fine for tech startups or service-based companies. It all depends on the message that your brand wants to portray and the clients you want to attract. A unique and pretty font can send a very special message through its soft lines and rounded shapes.

How to Use This Pretty Font Guide

In this guide, we’ve separated fonts into three groups: Script, Sans, and Serif.
Most pretty fonts fit into the Script category due to their playful nature and hand-drawn style. From signature-style fonts to thicker brush types, there is a pretty script font for everyone.

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Calligraphy Fonts
Zip File Password is : Calligraphy

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Style Fonts
Zip File Password is : gidstudio

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