Important! CorelDraw Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys for CorelDRAW

It’s a good idea to look at the shortcut keys for CorelDraw below to get a sense of the most common features in CorelDraw. Because there are so many shortcut keys, it’s hard to make a list that covers all of them all at once. CorelDraw is a vector-based programme that is used for things like making logos, branding, and so on. You can use this programme to change photos, make designs, and do a lot of other things with pictures. A programme called CorelDRAW was one of the first to let people work with colour vector drawings on a desktop computer. Vector graphics are images that are made by connecting lines, curves, and points together in a way that looks like a picture. So, because it is a vector graphics programme when you change the size of an image, it will not change in quality. Knowing the shortcut keys is one of the most important things you can do when you use the programme because it saves you time, speed, and efficiency.

Shortcut keys in CorelDraw that are used a lot

In CorelDRAW, there are a lot of shortcut keys that can be used to do things quickly.


T at the top
Select things and drag them to the top.
Alignment: B
It aligns chosen items to the bottom.
Alignment: R
It aligns the selected items to the right.
It aligns selected objects to the left.
Vertically aligned: C
The elements’ centres may be positioned vertically.
Align the centre: E
The elements’ centres may be positioned horizontally.
Alt + F12 aligns to the baseline.
It aligns text to the baseline.

Document Shortcuts CorelDRAW Keys

Ctrl + W to refresh
This keystroke will refresh the window.
Non-printing characters shown by CTRL+Shift+C
Non-printed characters may be presented.
Shift + F9 displays Toggle.
Preview: F9 a Full-Screen Preview

General Shortcuts Keys in CorelDRAW

Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Insert
Copy and paste objects to the clipboard.
Ctrl + X, Delete
Items may be cut and copied.
Delete: (Button)
This button deletes selected objects.
Ctrl + V
The content may be included in the document.
Ctrl + R
The preceding operation may be repeated.
Ctrl+Shift Z
Redo may be used to undo prior actions.
Ctrl + D
Some goods can be duplicated.
Undo: Z, Backspace
Undo may reverse a previous action.

Shortcuts for Files (Formatting)

Ctrl + S
The active document may be saved.
Ctrl + Shift + S
The current document may be renamed.
Ctrl + O
To open an existing document, search for it in the folder.
Ctrl + N
You may start a new document.
Ctrl + I
It lets you add a file to the current document.
Ctrl + E
Document duplication in a different file format.
Ctrl + P
Before printing the current document, you may change the printing options.
Alt + F4
It lets you exit CorelDRAW and saves the current document.

Docker Shortcut Corel DRAW Keys

Contour: Ctrl + F9 Opens the Contour docker.
Alt + F7
This opens the position docker window.
Alt + F8
This opens the Rotate Docker window.
Ctrl + F7
This command opens the Envelope docker.
Alt + F3
This command opens the Lens Docker window.
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + F5
A docker window with graphic and text customizations.
Alt + F2 opens the Linear Dimensions docker window.
Alt + F10 opens a size docker window.
Alt + F9 opens the scale and mirror docker window.


Ctrl + B Intensity/Brightness
This shortcut controls the brightness.
Ctrl + Shift + B
This shortcut adjusts the colour balance.
Ctrl + Shift + U
This shortcut changes saturation.
You may choose a hard fill colour for an object using colour palettes, harmonies, colour viewers or colour mixtures.
F11 Fill an object with a gradient of hues or colours.

Font Shortcuts (Formatting)

Ctrl + Shift + P
This changes the font size.
Increase Ctrl + Numpad 8
This increases the font size.
Decrease Ctrl + Numpad 2
This reduces the font size.
Ctrl + B
Italicize the text.
Ctrl + I
Italicize the text.

Outline Pen

Shift + F12:
Outline Pen Color Dialog
This command opens the outline colour dialogue.
F12, Outline Pen


Tools Hand: H
You may use the hand tool.
Media Arts:
Freehand spray, brush, and calligraphic effects are possible.
The ellipse tool (F7) is an option.
Eraser: X
You may use the eraser tool.
F5 (Freehand)
You may use the freehand tool.
Tool: M
Choose the mesh tool.
F6 Rectangle
Choose the rectangle tool.
Choose the polygon tool.
Tool Spiral:
You may use the spiral tool.
Text Tool: F8 Select the text tool.


Zoom Out: F3 You may zoom out.
F2 zooms in on a single image.
F4 – Zoom in on all:
You can zoom in on an item.

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