Rewarding students and employees with digital certificates by simple way

Best employee recognition platforms and make digital certificates for student

  • Rewarding students and employees with digital certificates may be as simple as using one of these eight platforms. Among online students and employers, digital credentials and Open Badges are becoming more popular. To name a few advantages: greater employee engagement and drive to learn new skills.
  • Digital badges have a positive effect on 87% of badge recipients, according to IBM research.
  • The issuer and the earner both profit from Open Badges since they make it easier to identify which personnel have acquired specific abilities. Employers may more easily find and recruit qualified applicants and keep their best workers by using these tools.
  • These badges and certificates serve as evidence that a person has successfully finished a job or shown a certain ability. There is a growing worldwide acceptance of them currently.
  • Learn more about Open Badges and how they may help both those who earn and those who issue them.

What are Open Badges?

  • Open Badges are digital badges provided by trustworthy organizations that authenticate an individual’s abilities, accomplishments, and interests. These badges provide information on the abilities and accomplishments that the holder has mastered. An image or digital certificate including recipient, issuer, metadata, and other supporting information is used to represent them.
  • It is possible to show Open Badges on a CV and share them on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. They assist students in being recognized by the issuing authority and their social networks for their accomplishments, which may lead to greater employment possibilities.
The following are the components of an Open Badge:
  • The Open Badge contains the names of those who have received it, whether they are students or employees of the company.
  • Issuers are the organizations that award the Open Badge to learners or workers in recognition of their accomplishments.
  • The Open Badge’s metadata includes the skills, interests, or accomplishments that earned the badge. Hard and soft skills, such as fluency in a programming language, may also be included in an official certification for a course.

To what extent may Open Badges benefit both students and workers, and how?

Open Badges may be earned by students who are just beginning their professional careers and can be shared with future employers. Employers may be able to locate them if they post them on their personal networks like LinkedIn. Use it in your resume or CV to demonstrate your abilities. They may also be used on a variety of devices and accepted by universities throughout the world.

Opportunities for work

  • As a result, Open Badges may be verified, secure, and immutable. You can be certain that your credential is authentic when you show it to potential employers. As a result, your reputation rises, and you have an advantage over the competition throughout the hiring process.
  • As a consequence, whether you’re a college student or a working professional hoping for a promotion, you have the opportunity to acquire a terrific job.

Recognize the contributions of others.

The Open Badge is a great way to show off your talents and achievements to your friends and followers. As a result, you’ll get greater credibility inside your company or industry. As an independent company owner or freelancer, you have additional options for promoting your brand. You’ll get more clients and consumers as a result, and their confidence in you will grow as a result.


Sertifier, a digital credential management platform, makes it easy to distribute digital badges and certificates to your staff and students. Use a badge and certificate tool to produce certificates quickly and save time, whether you are a university, institution, school, academic, organization, or industry.

Boost your brand’s online visibility by distributing visually appealing and error-free certificates and awards. It’s easy to distribute a download link for the certificate through Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. Extend its capabilities by integrating it with third-party applications and LMS. If you need a bespoke integration, Sertifier provides an API.

To ensure the safety and security of your personal information, you’ll receive features such as access control, identity management, and security audits. It provides quality white labeling to enhance your brand’s image and online presence with customized badges and certificates.. Additional customization options include adding site domains, information, and navigation links to your certificates.

Freebies include a talent library, an audience report, badge automation, and a variety of professional templates.


Accredible is one of the safest and powerful digital certificate producers. It is amazing when it comes to distribution methods, design possibilities, security, verification, analytics, and social sharing. You may quickly post certificates on social media channels like LinkedIn to create additional online traffic and referrals for the program.

Accredible is dynamic and clever in terms of automated name change handling, retroactive editing that makes administration easier, and automatic renewals or expiry. Show confidence in your certifications with a one-click verification, and know your certificates are safe with their blockchain logging and bank-level encryption.

Get pre-made templates to create your certificate and generate unique certificates as per your concept by utilizing a simple drag and drop editor. Do not worry about a minor error that might cost you money and effort; Accredible performs automatic fixes for you.

Turn your credentials become the source of recommendations that will work as a marketing tool for your certificate program. Your students or staff may print high-quality certificates from anywhere. In addition, it will enable numerous languages, extensive statistics, intelligent screen scaling, and more.

Try digital certificates and badges in your programs for free and gain API access. Go with the Lite plan for $960/year to receive additional features and perks.


Build your personal digital badging program with Badgr, a platform for sharing learner data and stackable learning routes. It allows you to construct skills-based programs to connect more learners and reward them by recognizing their successes with secure and portable digital credentials.

Analyze, grow, visualize, and learn from your community using Badgr’s routes functionality. A student may also share the digital credentials on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Let your learners obtain a digital certificate that is safe, verifiable, and rich with information about your learner’s success. You will also receive everything from complex connectors, analytics, best practices to security and other important features.

Get it started for free or get a quotation for Badgr Pro.


SimpleCert is a great way to recognize and reward the hard work of your staff and students. It allows you to make eye-catching and stunning certificates for your complete team, league, or institution through its mass certificate capabilities.
You may generate a certificate template and design and fill it with customized information automatically for mass certifications. Make your certificate the way you want in minutes by utilizing features like drag-and-drop, padding, tables, boxes, rows, columns, etc.

Using pre-built certificate templates can also assist save you time as you don’t have to construct each one from scratch. It works nicely on Windows PC or Apple Mac devices without any extra setups or settings. Just sign up, and you are ready to go. You may keep your certificates and enable users to examine all the credentials they obtained via its secure site.

Upload your list, connect to an API, add each person one by one, and let SimpleCert build and transmit the certificate to the user automatically without downloading to any place. You will also receive the option of downloading each certificate after producing it in a PDF format so that you can immediately distribute it to your workers or pupils in their hands. SimpleCert also supports several languages for producing certificates.

Start producing your certificate from $19/month and gain 150 credits, a social sharing option, a recipient portal, and more. Take a free trial and dive deeper.

Use digital credentials and badges to acknowledge success with Open badges. me. Organizations like education, training, skills, and more utilize Open badges. me to give certifications to the users. It is a safe, easy-to-use, and adaptable platform that offers you all the certificates you need to make and share with the earners.

Send certificates to acknowledge credentials, inspire little actions, enhance abilities, and more. Use current certificate approaches to replace or complement paper certificates and increase audibility and security. It also helps you increase your organization’s brand by promoting your services via social media.

While organizing an event, Open badges. It enables you to issue certificates fast without any problem. You may also utilize its plug-ins and complex APIs to interface with your current tools smoothly. Start with the beginner plan for free or pick a premium plan from $50/month and pursue a simple road of producing badges and certificates.


Gain insights on your employees, boost profiles, and give digital badges with the aid of Credly. It claims to be the world’s most comprehensive digital credential network that enables you to produce digital certificates and badges. It lets you contribute to the earners’ job achievement that creates demand for your training and boosts your development program’s income.

Make sure your employee never misses any milestone award to establish a positive working atmosphere and generate confidence within them. Earners may also attract employers with recognized certifications.
Save money and time by transitioning from papers to digital and add value to the members linked with you for relevant job prospects. Credly delivers the greatest functionality and features that help companies reach their objectives. Credly combines everything from technology to knowledge so that you may design a successful program.


Say tata to paperwork and embrace a contemporary digital credential system using online badge creator, BadgeCert. It allows you to handle generating, issuing, storing, and distributing badges. You may also assist the earners to establish their talents, successes, experiences, contributions, and certificates via your badges.

BadgeCert badges and certificates are 100 percent safe and verifiable; you may record digital badges and certificates on Blockchain to add further levels of security and verification. You will also receive analytics tools and real-time data, plus support for numerous languages throughout the world.

Furthermore, BadgeCert’s API lets you interface with CRM and LMS applications. Earners will benefit from a cloud-based portfolio and the opportunity to promote their successes on employer databases, career sites, online resumes, email signatures, and social networks. In addition, BadgeCert supports various businesses, including organizations, training providers, colleges, enterprises, non-profits, etc.

Join a live demo to know the functioning of BadgeCert in a better manner. To start distributing badges and certificates now, you may contact a BadgeCert professional and discuss your objectives, budget, etc.

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