Effective Google Search Tips


Effective Google Search Tips

Google’s search engine is always your top choice when searching for information online. However, not everyone knows, Google supports us with advanced search methods full of magic. The following Google searches help you find the desired results on the internet.

1. Find the correct phrase

When we want to search for a phrase, instead of typing it into Google search, let’s put the phrase in the “double apostrophe.” The search results seem to give better results than we don’t put the phrase in the “double apostrophe.”

For example, if we want to search for the phrase “How to write seo in wordpress”, the results we see are as follows:

2. Magnetic exclusion

When we need to search for “Take good photos with iPhone” but we want to exclude pages of ads, this can be done easily by adding a sign – with the word we need to remove after this minus sign.

For example, we search for “Take a good photo with an iPhone” – “Advertising” results for us as follows

3. Use the * mark

You need to search for a song without remembering the words clearly, you only remember a couple of words in that song. No matter, Google supports you in searching with a * mark with the word you remember to produce the best results.

Example you search for: Bamboo bridge span*, the result will be as follows

4. File Search

Sometimes we need to search for reports or documents in file form, these types of documents can be in the form of Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint. Google assists us in finding these documents in file form, by adding from filetype: formatting.

Ví dụ ta tìm kiếm: đồ án lập trình C filetype: PDF, kết quả sẽ được như sau

5. Tìm theo từ đồng nghĩa

Khi ta cần tìm kiếm theo một từ hoặc cụn từ nhưng bao gồm cả những từ đồng nghĩa, đơn giản ta chỉ cần thêm dấu ~ ở phía trước từ này.

Ví dụ tìm kiếm: ~ Chó săn, sẽ cho ta kết quả như sau

6. Search for results in the website

If we search for content on a particular website, we search by the full website name along with the content to be found on that page.

Examples we can find: vnexpress.net beauty, the results will be as follows

7. Find image-related content

Google supports image search, do you find out the exact image online or find out the images that closely resemble your photos. To find with the image we do the following:

  • Select the Camera icon
  • Choose upload a picture to >> Choose File
  • Upload the image file to be found, Google will find articles that seem to be the image you give

Here are some common tricks to use when searching with Google, hoping to help you in searching online will be better.

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